Product / ServiceWINDOWS 8
CategoryB01. Internet Film
Entrant Company JWT BEIJING, CHINA
Advertising Agency JWT BEIJING, CHINA
Production Company JQK PRODUCTION HOUSE Beijing, CHINA

Brief Explanation

Microsoft launched Windows 8 at 2012. This is a revolutionary operating system. It has a lot of completely new ways of operations. Problems: It challenged people habit of using a mouse to touch screen. Insight: habits are hard to break. How do we get people willing to touch and feel for Windows 8? We put touch to test, literally. We produced an internet film viewing 3 masters with wonderful power of finger. The unexpected light hearted stories touch the audience. Desire to have a trial is dramatically increased. Setbacks and solution: Considering the creative and deployment workload, we created a language for this video which sounds like an Asian language but not specific. Everyone can understand the story even without dialogues. It’s also a way to create topics around consumers.


Name Position
Yeo Yang/Polly Chu Chief Creative Officer
Nicky Zhang/Devin Zhao Creative Director
Popeye Li/Nicolas Tian/Bernard Chan Copywriter
Gary Wang/Christine Klemmt/Liang Zhou Art Director
Amber Yu/Tetsu Bi Agency Producer
Ruston Spurlock/Wednesday Chi/Chiara Capitanio Account Supervisor
Kate Isler/Alexandre Leite Advertiser's Supervisor
Raymond Johnsen Lucas Producer
Jinjin Zhu Director
Fay Xie/Vivienne Huang/Sabrina Zheng Account Manager
Ratan Malli Planner
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