CategoryA14. Commercial Public Services
Entrant Company PHIBIOUS Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Advertising Agency PHIBIOUS Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Production Company LEGEND TIGER Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

Brief Explanation

Background/Cultural reference Cambodians in general are a very close-knit bunch. They will always update each other in terms of what they are up to, what they plan to do or just to say "Hello". On a daily basis. They will feel lost if they are disconnected from the people they hold dear. Their need to be constantly in touch with each other is amplified even further when it comes to "big and important" events like weddings, celebrations and yes, child birth. Hence, the introduction of Cellcard Balance Advance, or "Kjey Sen" (in Khmer). Unlike the other prepaids in the market, Kjey Sen does not cut off your line when you run out of credit. So life can go on as usual. Film Synopsis Simple storyline about a young couple who are about to become first-time parents. Husband gives a running commentary to the village elder on the turn of events - a "LIVE" commentary per se. However, as the identity of the baby is about to be revealed, his phone runs out of credit. The spot goes on to highlight the benefits of having Kjey Sen. (Do pardon the English subtitles, as it is a direct translation from Khmer)


Name Position
Mervyn Cheo Chief Creative Officer
Izwar Zakri Creative Director
Izwar Zakri (English)/Chantha Prom(Khmer)/Fannin In (Khmer) Copywriter
Danny Thong Art Director
Izwar Zakri Agency Producer
Kenny Lim Account Supervisor
Palani Periakaruppan Advertiser's Supervisor
Bou Panha Producer
Sunil Thomas Director
Digipost Music Library Sound Design/Arrangement
Digipost Vietnam Post Production
Mardy Cheav Account Manager
Krit Cinematographer
Krit Director Of Photography
Digipost Vietnam Editing Company