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Product / ServiceNIKE BASEBALL
CategoryA06. Clothing, Footwear & Accessories
EntrantAOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Baseball in Japan has long been regarded as the national sport, and after the Second World War helped to rally the country to rebuild, serving as a symbol of hard work and co-operation. Professional baseball in Japan today is a big business. In contrast to this, high school baseball is all about discipline, passion and purity of spirit, and the pinnacle of this comes each year at the annual national high school championships, and has become an almost sacred rite of passage for any aspiring young player since its inception in 1915. In japan, standing out is typically a bad thing. It’s bad whether you’re a child, citizen, or employee, and you should DEFINITELY not try to stand out on a team. Through the lens of baseball, Nike says "Stand up for yourself." Go get what you worked hard for. Stand out. Because ultimately, that's going to make the team better, and it’s what is going to make the nation better. This TV commercial takes the traditional opening speech from the championships, but instead of following the traditional structure, the young player breaks with tradition and speaks from his heart. His attitude and swagger serve as a wake up call.


Name Position
Caleb Jensen/Tota Hasegawa Executive Creative Director
Andrew Miller/Hiroshi Kuyama Copywriter
Daisuke Maki Art Director
Kenji Tanaka Agency Producer
Ai Kawasaki Account Supervisor
Tagu Kato Advertiser's Supervisor
Satoshi Yo Producer
Hisashi Eto Director
Naoki Noda D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman
Ryan McGuire Editor
Ryan McGuire Sound Design/Arrangement
Yusaku Yasuda Post Production
Hana Lighting
Ryan Johnson Account Manager