Product / ServiceROPPONGI HILLS
CategoryB03. Interactive Film
EntrantSIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Agency SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company BASCULE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 PICS Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Roppongi Hills, a renowned landmark of Tokyo created by an urban developer, Mori Building, we created an 'interactive city' using 3D projection mapping technique on the most precise, handcrafted miniature model of the city. At five square meters, the model covers over 6,400 acres of the city, making this experiment being equivalent to using projection mapping on a massive piece of land at the heart Tokyo. Participants could play music in sync with visual motifs such as 'Future,' 'Rock,' and 'Traditional Tokyo' that would be projected onto the city, by pressing the keys on the computer keyboard. A complex, yet exquisitely beautifully harmony would be played on the city as each key represented beats of different lengths of either 0.5 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec, or 4 sec, along with various visual motifs,creating over 100 different sound and visual combinations.


Name Position
Tsubasa Oyagi Executive Creative Director
Tsubasa Oyagi/Kampei Baba Creative Director
Tsubasa Oyagi Copywriter
Sadanori Maeda Art Director
Hironori Terai/Takahiko Kajima Producer
Takcom Director
Koshi Miura Sound Design/Arrangement
Kazumasa Kimura/Taleru Shima/Nobutaka Kitahara/Makoto Kubota Animation
Koshi Miura Music
Miki Ogawa Cinematographer
Web Director: Takayuki Watanabe Other Credits