Product / ServiceBUICK EXCELLE
CategoryB01. Internet Film
EntrantLOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company LOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency LOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company MADE IN CHINA FILMS Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

The majority of China's 1.3 billion population lives in the heartland of China. These are ordinary people living an honest, hard-working and family-loving daily life. A series of films were created to celebrate these ordinary people's extraordinary lives. These are real daily stories but they touch the viewers' heartstring that is seldom reached, resonating with their true experience. The 7 stories are inter-locking, one leading into the next, symbolizing that people are not solitary islands. All stories are about ordinary people's relationships and are touching stories about family values, hard work, belief, love and bonding within families and among human beings. Buick cleverly embedded the Excelle car in this series since this family sedan has been a member of the 1.8 million ordinary families in China in the past decades. Buick Excelle has been an eye-witness and a player in their extraordinary lives.


Name Position
Norman Tan Chief Creative Officer
Qiang Zeng Creative Director
Cherry Wang/Wei Zhou Copywriter
Qiang Zeng/Kidd Zhang Art Director
Connie Chua Agency Producer
Cherry Wang/Power Zhang Account Supervisor
Hsiao Ya Chuan Director
Qing Hua/Zhang Hai Ying Editor
Digital Horizon Post Production
Nicole Zhong Account Manager
Baiping Shen Planner
Lin Ze Qiang Cinematographer