Product / ServiceBUICK ENCORE
CategoryB01. Internet Film
EntrantLOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company LOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency LOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company MADE IN CHINA FILMS Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

Buick Encore is the most successful SUV launched in China, achieving RMB 3 billion sales in 3 months.General Motors introduced compact SUV Buick Encore to China in Oct. 2012.Most of the 127 different SUV brands aim at selling the SUV as a second car in the family. Encore decided to win by a breakthrough positioning:Buick Encore, the SUV for the post ‘80s. People 20~35 are the biggest potential SUV buyers, as their first car. Born after 1980, this is the first affluent generation in China but are also the most misunderstood &mislabeled generation, as being irresponsible and rebellious.They are now coming of age &entering the next phase in their lives. We wud like them to speak for themselves.6 films depicting 6 different post ‘80s individual, each expressing the unique perspective of their generation in their own language: on their outlook to life, individuality, freedom, justice &the significance of diversity, etc. created empathy & resonance among the post ‘80s throughout China.These youths are our pioneers and role models inspiring others in their generation to do what they want to do, and say what they want to say. All dialogues end in the proud conclusion as in the films: “I am, 198X”


Name Position
Norman Tan Chief Creative Officer
Qiang Zeng Creative Director
Cherry Wang/Wei Zhou Copywriter
Kidd Zhang/Zhenjiang Chen Art Director
Connie Chua Agency Producer
Cherry Wang/Power Zhang Account Supervisor
Hsiao Ya Chuan Director
Wen Zhi Ming/Da Pao Editor
I - View Post Production
Nicole Zhong Account Manager
Baiping Planner
Allen Koppe Cinematographer
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