Product / ServiceDIAGEO
CategoryA02. Beverages - Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic
Entrant Company BBH ASIA PACIFIC Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency BBH ASIA PACIFIC Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company Gravity Films Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

The latest iteration of Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking campaign enriches the brand message with a focus on Gamechangers - people exemplifying the Keep Walking spirit who have achieved extraordinary success. In Thailand, the legendary Rewat Buddhinan is hero-ed. Rewat is the famed founder of GMM Grammy, Thailand’s largest entertainment company. The former musician and icon was also a respected mentor to many successful Thai artists before he died at age 48, and is considered to have ushered in a new era in the Thai music industry. In a country where the cultural norm is to not challenge the status quo, Rewat’s creative spirit establish him firmly as a true game changer. Using revolutionary CGI technology, the film brings Rewat to life. Scores of animators studied interviews and photographs to ensure a perfect, life-like result. Rewat speaks passionately of his ‘Keep Walking’ spirit. Always trusting his intuition, he pursued his dreams with conviction to great success. He urges a new generation of Thais to follow in his footsteps and start living their dreams. A powerful and emotionally charged musical score builds with his rousing words, and crescendos as he issues an inspirational final challenge: “Are you ready to live your dream?”


Name Position
Johnny Tan Executive Creative Director
Leo Zhang Creative Director
Supat Watthanakuljarus Art Director
Krystie Koh/Kim Lim Agency Producer
Frances Great/Lesley-Anne John Account Supervisor
Louis Ong Advertiser's Supervisor
Joseph Kahn Director
Attic/Shanghai Editor
Song Zu Music Sound Design/Arrangement
The Mill/London Post Production
Charles Wigley/James Sowden Planner