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PR 20:20 MSL Mumbai, INDIA
Post Production MEMESYS CULTURE LAB Bambolim, INDIA


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Anand Gandhi Memesys Culture Lab Director
Zain Memon Memesys Culture Lab Executive Producer
Shreya Dudheria Memesys Culture Lab Producer
Kaushal Shah - Director Of Photography
Jenny Montgomery - Colorist
Sneha Khanwalkar - Music Producer
Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapor Chief Creative Officer
Mihir Dhairyawan Publicis Singapore Creative Director
Shirlie Alexis Tay Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Sharmista Nagarkatti Publicis Singapore Business Director
Natalie VanderVorst Publicis Singapore EVP
Jordan Price Publicis Singapore Head of Planning
Hui Chong Yong Publicis Singapore Planning Director
Jess Geli Publicis Singapore Senior Account Director
Sophie Ow Publicis Singapore Senior Account Executive
Ruchita Shah 20:20 MSL AVP and Lead
Jeunelle Rebello 20:20 MSL Senior Manager
Pemiya Gandhi 20:20 MSL Sr. Executive
Ekta Joshi 20:20 MSL Sr. Executive

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

This is the story of Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale- the visionary who gave up his high-paying city job and moved into the heart of the country with his wife, Priyanka, and their son. He was driven by a singular dream - to build a state-of-the-art hospital for those who could afford it the least. After the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Dr. Bhosale labored day and night to save thousands of lives. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the virus himself. Some people live on in their children and loved ones. Others, like Dr. Bhosale, survive in their work and ideas, transcending to a higher meaning. Dr. Bhosale’s vision of building an institution of care is now being realized by Priyanka Bhosale. She is building a hospital in her late husband’s memory - with the support of the ‘Vicks #TouchOfCare Fund’. In her words, “He is no longer a person. He is a purpose.”

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In February 2021, the Indian Government announced that 162 doctors had died on the frontlines while combating COVID-19. The Indian Medical Association refuted this claim and revised the number of doctor deaths to 734. The IMA also condemned the government for its apathy towards doctors and their families. ( According to a March 2021 article, The Guardian reported that “Doctors and medical workers in India are being ostracized from communities, evicted from their homes… over fears they may be carrying coronavirus. ( “Even surviving medical professionals are frustrated, demoralized and in distress,” reads a report from May 2021. ( According to the Indian Medical Association,1492 doctors have died in India so far. ( Many, according to the IMA, have left behind families that need to be taken care of. We made this film in solidarity with every healthcare worker, whose invisible sacrifices have kept us safe.]

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When we are first introduced to Dr. Dyaneshwar, the shots move along at a leisurely pace, giving us the time to get acquainted with his performative care, his dream, and his family. The edit breathes with warmth, hope, joy. As the demands of caregiving pick up, and the hospital gets fuller, the film begins moving more briskly. This pace is punctuated by moments of quiet contemplation, where we linger on Dr. Dyaneshwar’s aspirations, and capacity to love. From the moment of contracting Covid-19 up to his tragic, untimely death, every moment feels like an agonizing lifetime. The edit reflects this, confronting us with the loss and despair of everyone around him. As the film approaches its end, the edit is unhurried. We stay on every shot, soaking in Dr. Dyaneshwar’s transcendence into a higher purpose.


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