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Product / ServiceAIR PADDING
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Name Company Position
Jung A Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Chief Creative Officer
Kiyoung Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Executive Creative Director
Wonkuk Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Creative Director
Jeong Gon Kang INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Art Director
Won Jun Choi INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Copywriter, Product Manager, Communication Manager, Strategist
Yongjoo Yoo INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Art Director
Nary Woo INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Yun Jung Kim INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Account Executive
Yongjin Eun Loveandmoney Director
Minsung Kim Loveandmoney Director
Gwangsik Choi Loveandmoney Executive Producer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

AIR PADDING is a winter padded coat with no fillings but only air. AIR PADDING is warm enough to wear during winter. : The "wearing AIR PADDING" experience is the first encounter between you and PARACOSM STUDIO, a new-born fashion brand pursuing future fashion. AIR PADDING is the very first product to attempt to replace goose-down padding and to end live plucking. : Consumers can see a vision of winter vegan fashion, by wearing AIR PADDING.


Live Plucking is a dreadful down-harvesting process by plucking geese’s feathers alive. To maximize the down production, geese are repeatedly plucked alive during their lifetime. Due to its cruelty, live plucking is being executed in secret. PARACOSM STUDIO, a new fashion brand and a market challenger, wants to challenge this brutal process in fashion industry. We want to make people wear winter jacket without harming any geese. In a giant trend of vegan fashion, PARACOSM STUDIO's product is going to be the very first product to attempt to replace goose-down padding and to end live plucking.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The idea is that we can end live-plucking if we replace goose down with a better alternative, air. It's because air is the most essential and effective material to insulate. Thus, we made a winter jacket filled only with air, AIR PADDING.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To prove if it's warm enough, we try to test it and write a research paper. To show and sell it to as many people as possible, we contact MUSINSA, the most popular and MZ's favorite fashion shopping app. And we plan to build a special place where everyone can meet AIR PADDING.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

About the design, AIR PADDING is filled only with air. It’s divided into 10 separate parts to fit the human body’s curve and to make its movement free. Each part is designed to control the amount of air as much as you want. AIR PADDING is made of polyurethane, an airtight material. About the warmth test, AIR PADDING has been tested for 6 months in SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY to prove its insulation capability. The difference between a goose down’s insulation and AIR PADDING’s is just 0.06clo, meaning a warmth of a sheet of sleeveless shirt. A research paper would be published this March. With MUSINSA, AIR PADDING was launched successfully. Many people participated in a raffle event and buy it. For whom wants to see AIR PADDING in their naked eyes, we built a pop-up store in the middle of Starfield, the largest shopping mall in South Korea.

List the results (30% of vote)

- Launched AIR PADDING on MUSINSA, MZ’s favorite online shopping mall in South Korea. - 780,000 exposed on social networks. - 23,207 gathered on raffle event. - trending now #9 on the shopping mall. - 21 articles and interviews released in media, including fashion magazines. - 19 Voluntary supports of celebrities. - Famous South Korean rapper wears AIR PADDING on #1 HIPHOP TV Show and gets 53,506 likes on Instagram. - Research paper was published from SEOUL UNIVERSITY in March 2020. - Opened an exhibition and a pop-up store in Starfield, the largest shopping mall in South Korea. Thousands of people come and go per day. - AIR PADDING : sold out.

Please tell us about the challenger brand and how your campaign challenged / was different from your competitors

PARACOSM STUDIO is a new fashion brand and a market challenger, who pursuit s sustainable future fashion and wants to challenge Live Plucking, a brutal production process of fashion industry. PARACOSM STUDIO decided to make a very product representing our sustainable spirit and being very useful in everyday life at the same time. The result is AIR PADDING. PARACOSM STUDIO launched AIR PADDING on MUSINSA, the most popular fashion shopping app among MZ. Particularly, MUSINSA is famous for its diverse brands and its openness to experimental fashion products. PARACOSM STUDIO dropped AIR PADDING on MUSINSA to make a big wave. AIR PADDING is so unique that people talked about it, especially online. One of the reviews has gone viral, and several fashion youtubers and influencers reviewed it as well. It got famous among hip-hop artists, so some of them requested AIR PADDING as their stage costume.


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