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As Australia is the only continent on the planet without Varroa mite, there has never been a need for similar technology. The Purple Hive Project needed to be built from the ground up, for Australian conditions and Australian bees. It also needed to be able to do all computing at the device so as to save power as the device is powered by solar. The budget for the innovation came from the marketing department, rather than spending $160,000aud on an advertising campaign Bega (client) chose to spend it on developing a solution for the biggest problem the honey industry was facing.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Through workshops, stakeholder interviews and field research we identified the biggest threat facing Australian bees… Varroa mite. The global bee industry is under threat from a small yet devastating parasite, the Varroa Mite, which is decimating bee colonies around the world and is a leading cause of colony collapse disorder. Currently Australia is the only inhabited continent on earth without Varroa Mite. Over 2 years we developed The Purple Hive Project, a solar powered beehive that uses A.I computer vision to detect Varroa Mite without the need for manual checks. The hive works by scanning each individual bee that enters the hive. The algorithm can tell the difference between a healthy bee and a bee carrying the microscopic Varroa Mite. If a mite is found an alert is sent to the relevant authority and the outbreak can be immediately contained.

Describe the final product (40% of vote)

The device is mounted to the front of a standard bee hive. As bees enter the hive they’re filmed by 360° cameras. Each bee is scanned by an AI algorithm that is trained to spot the Varroa mite. The algorithm is run at the device with no need to send data to the cloud unless it detects a mite, this saves immense amounts of battery power and means the device can be run on solar power. If a mite is detected the device sends an immediate alert along with an image of the infected bee to the relevant authorities and the incursion can be quarantined. The device is designed for Australian conditions so all elements are housed within a waterproof 3D printed case. At the heart of the device is a Raspberry Pi, 4k cameras and treated glass for the bee walkway. The unit is powered by solar and is

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The Purple Hive Project immediately garnered international attention with consumers and the bee industry. It drove B Honey from 0 to 10% market share without spending a dollar on marketing, but more importantly the Purple Hive Project was adopted by The Department of Agriculture and is being used as part of Australia’s biosecurity monitoring system to protect not only B Honey’s honey supply, but the entire agriculture industry.

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