Product / ServiceVIVO X23
CategoryA05. Use of Original Composition
EntrantIQIYI Guangzhou, CHINA
Idea Creation IQIYI Guangzhou, CHINA
Media Placement IQIYI Guangzhou, CHINA
Production IQIYI Guangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jingnuo lau iQIYI Media Planner

Why is this work relevant for for Music?

vivo co-creating and releasing its music of rap with the show-‘The Rap of China(ROC)’, open up a more effective way for brand communication to its target audience. The first, a professional music show like ‘ROC’, where gathering top rappers and rap’s fans, contributes to creating favorable brand music. It has a maximum use of music show’s produce ability. The second, releasing a music on a hit competitive music show like ‘ROC’, covering over 200 million faddists, is a more influential way for branded music spread. Maximum use of show’s producing and spreading abilities make music co-creation with show more effect.


2018 was a year that the mobile phone industry suffered a market downturn in China(overall sales declined 13%).2018 was also a year of consumption aesthetic upgrade. Under this trend, phone is not only a tool but also a fashion item. To turn sales around, Chinese popular mobile phone brand vivo upgraded its aesthetic releasing a new wide shot series, including a special designed version ‘vivo logo phone’ which its logo printed in the back of the phone to show its sense and attitude of fashion. Meanwhile, in China, rap became a fashion icon due to the show ‘The rap of China’. vivo, as a young brand, who wants to be popular, must be featured by rap to make it into a fashion item. Therefore, vivo join the show to feature its wide shot series into a fashion item by co-creating branded masterpieces of rap.

Describe the creative idea

The music co-creation of vivo &‘The Rap of China’ introduces a concept of ‘brand rap album’. We invites the competitors from this show, combining vivo selling point-wide angle, to create their own style rap copies, concept video and golden melody to make up an album showing vivo’s wide horizon. With the show’s 13 episodes on airing, each masterpieces of vivo’s album released in sequence according to the competitors ‘journey in the show. Take vivo’s rap album as the OST of the show to make a perfect fusion of brand and content.

Describe the strategy

We introduced a producing concept of ‘brand ablum’first. Then, benchmarked vivo wide series to luxury, using luxury making philosophy(visuality /spirituality /rarity) to produce vivo’s contents forming the album, including twelve raps fitted in vivo’s aesthetics by different rappers、a concept video to show vivo’s spirit narrated by popular rapper Young Jack and a rare golden melody ‘Call my name’ for Logo Phone. These three kinds of masterpieces are not only played along with the show in the form of video , but also transformed into mp3 to play in the music platform(QQ music\ Netease music )or BGM in the e-commerce platform. It even transformed into interactive short video to play in the short video platform-Tik Tok. So as to make vivo’s album influence over the net.

Describe the execution

Article debut along with the show of ‘The Rap of China’: (which on air in the top online video platform from the 14th,July, 2018 to the 6th ,Oct,2018 ) (1) Article 2:Twelve Rap Copies Different styles and rappers for each rap debut in each episode(one episode per week ) (2) Article 2: Rapper’s Narrating Concept Video Young Jack as representative rapper showing the spirit of hip-pop and vivo at his encore (the 11th episode) (3)Article 3: Brand Melody ‘Call My Name’ A brand melody sang by champion candidates debut at the moment of champion revealing Article spread outside the show: (1) Recommended on music platform (QQ music\ Netease music) from the 14th,July to the 2ed ,Nov (2) Taking ‘Call my name ’as the BGM to launch short video interact in Tik tok from 6th ,Oct to the 2ed ,Nov

Describe the outcome

Three kinds of masterpieces gained a high reach, talk and interaction. Along with this heated show, twelve rap copies broke heat index; Young Jack’s narrating concept video gaining 100 million views, became a viral in the internet; and the golden melody ‘Call my name’ getting 2.6 billion video views totally, became a rare advertisement song appealing in the Top Musics. All these enhance vivo’s preference in different dimensions: Sales: During the communication period (Q3), vivo has changed the downturn, its year-on-year growth rate reach to 15%. And its sales volumes reaches to 20.62 million, becoming the top sale brand. Brand asset: The correlation index between vivo and ‘The rap of China ‘reach to249, 3 times over average correlation. Strongly bounding vivo with hip-pop, enhance vivo’s sense of fashion. User Relationship: The golden melody get 78% favourable comment in the SNS. And gained 230 thousand fans in Tik Tok.