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Name Company Position
Michael Li McCann Worldgroup Executive Creative Director
Poppy Qian McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Creative Director
Anthony Yeung McCann Worldgroup Senior Art Director
Ryo Xu McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Art Director
Florence Kong, Jaslin Goh McCann Worldgroup Managing Partner
Morris Pun McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong Account Director
Lem Jiang McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Jan Ng McCann Worldgroup Account Executive
Zhao Wanyu McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Planning Manager
Liao Lijia McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Planner
蔡輝 上海栩輝文化傳媒有限公司 Photography
Cherry Ye Craft Creations Producer
Leon Tang UM General Manager
Mike Li UM Association Business Manager
Carina Wong UM Associate Planning Manager

The Campaign

We created the X-Dance. The 30 seconds dance video consists of different simple X-shaped choreography moves, with dancers wearing our X-Line range of products and with Lee’s e-commerce store in just a tap away. We uploaded it onto China’s Number 1 short-video social network app, DouYin, disguised as one of the DouYin netizens to create the viral effects. We then invited users to challenge and co-create their own X-Line choreography and share it on DouYin.

Creative Execution

The X-Dance, tailor-made for DouYin, included different simple X-shaped choreography moves in a fun and engaging way. A dance music was also created for this purpose. So teens can not only use it as BGM for re-creating their X-Dance choreography but also anytime and anywhere to express themselves on DouYin. We launched the dance video as 30s native ad for 3 months only on DouYin. We also bought 5s standard preview for 1 week to attract users to click and watch the full ad. The connection from awareness to engagement and to purchase was made convenient with a click to purchase button to buy the items that the dancers were wearing in the Lee’s e-commerce store on their mobile easily.


It went viral! Teens from all over China copied the X-Dance, and even improvised to create their own X-Dance moves to upload and share their videos again throughout DouYin. Within 3 days, total impressions of the original X-Dance reached over 22 million on DouYin. With a 15X higher-than-average click-through-rate, this translated to over 4.9 million views and 450,000 likes.   We have also successfully directed the online traffic to Lee’s e-commerce store with a simple click while watching and sharing the dance video. After a month, the fan base for X-Line increased by 83%, and the sales conversion rate increased by 114%. We also achieved an all-time record-high of 378% growth in sales revenue. (Comparing to same period in previous year)

Lee X-Line is sold exclusively online and wanted to engage teens via the digital platform to drives traffic to Lee e-commence store for purchase directly and instantly. We created the X-Dance, consisting of fun X-shaped choreography with dancers wearing the Lee X-Line products. We then uploaded it onto China’s Number 1 social-video app ‘DouYin’ for teens to follow and share, with a purchase button to drive them directly to Lee’s e-commerce store. Watch the dance video and purchase it online right away. The simple mechanics turned out to impressive results, engagement, traffic, and sales.

Our target audience was 16 to 23 years old Chinese teens, who spent a lot of time in the digital world. Although they are seldom expressive in the public, we spotted an emerging social trend, with video sharing and social networking morphed into one mobile experience which allows them to express themselves freely. It is such an addictive and potential trend among teens, so we decided to invest our limited media budget on one single media channel: DouYin, China’s Number 1 short-video social network app. 1. Targeted Awareness: 85% of users are under age of 24yrs and it has reached an average of 10 million daily user-base. 2. Engagement potential: UGC is made easier like never before on DouYin, it will enable co-creation of our Lee content. 3. The app allows placement of purchase link that can directly drive traffic to the e-commerce platform.