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CategoryC01. Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
Idea Creation BWM DENTSU Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement DENTSU MITCHELL Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production BWM DENTSU Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

To prove that Ristorante frozen pizza lets you enjoy pizzeria taste wherever you call home, we turned Australia’s most remote home (on Dirk Hartog Island, the western-most point of Australia), into the world’s most remote pizzeria. For a home to become a restaurant, all it takes some tables, chairs, a giant pizzeria sign and the restaurant quality taste of Ristorante frozen pizzas… and of course customers. People came from far and wide but little did our guests know, the pizza they were eating was straight from the freezer.

Creative Execution

To prove that Ristorante frozen pizza lets you enjoy pizzeria taste wherever you call home, Australia’s most remote home was transformed into the world’s most remote pizzeria.    Like any other restaurant opening, the home-turned-pizzeria promoted to the locals and the rest of the nation. Typical flyers, sandwich boards, and even the classic pizzeria sign helped spread the word, as intrigue grew, and disbelief turned to amazement. People came from far and wide to take a seat at the pizzeria – including selected media and social media influencers – all who were surprised to discover the meal they’d been enjoying was frozen pizza. A live TV media crew shared the opening night with media outlets as soon as the dinner service ended. And for those who couldn’t experience the restaurant first hand, the online content on Facebook and YouTube meant that they too could share in the experience.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Ristorante shook up a stale and conservative category, creating an activation and piece of branded entertainment that not only challenged the perception of the category but also proved the quality and convenience of the product. Although only being a small player in the market, the campaign achieved an overall reach of 10.4 million and a 274% increase in organic Facebook engagement. Earned media included features in Daily Mail Australia, Daily Mail UK, the Yahoo!7 network, National TV news, radio features, blogs and influencer channels. The campaign led to changes in consumer awareness with brand appeal and purchase intent rising by 69% and 62% respectively. It also led the category in conversion from awareness to trial. Since the activation, Ristorante has become the number one frozen pizza in Australia for the first time - finishing 2016 with a record 5% higher share than previous market leader McCain.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

In Australia, frozen pizza was bland in both taste and communications. For over 20 years, McCain has been the number one frozen pizza brand in Australia. To shake up the category, Ristorante created a unique promo and activation that challenged people’s perception of frozen pizza and proved that with Ristorante you can enjoy restaurant taste at home – wherever that might be. We did this by transforming a home into the world’s most remote pizzeria. And it was so popular, it helped Ristorante become the number one frozen pizza in Australia for the first time.

The Australian frozen pizza category was stale, traditional and dominated by clear market leader McCain. The public saw frozen pizza as a back-up meal that is somewhat shameful and nothing to be celebrated. We wanted to disrupt the category and set the Ristorante brand as a challenger archetype – The Democratiser: Challenging that you can only get ‘pizzeria taste’ from a restaurant, and democratising access to everyone. From Adelaide to Ayres Rock, absolutely anywhere in Australia, Ristorante brings ‘pizzeria taste’ home, wherever home is. To make frozen pizza entertaining, memorable, and shareable, we needed to take it to the extreme – if the most remote home in Australia can enjoy restaurant quality pizza, then any home can. Putting the core brand belief to the test through an activation would prove to the participants, and the rest of the nation viewing the content or seeing the news, what Ristorante stands for.


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Rob Belgiovane BWM Dentsu Aust Group Chief Creative Officer
Simon Bagnasco BWM Dentsu Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Phil van Bruchem BWM Dentsu Melbourne Creative Director
Chris Andrews BWM Dentsu Melbourne Creative Director
Ryan Purcell BWM Dentsu Melbourne Associate Creative Director
Tom Opie BWM Dentsu Melbourne Creative Lead
Chris Plummer BWM Dentsu Melbourne Creative Lead
Luisa Peters BWM Dentsu Melbourne Senior Onscreen Producer
Deanne Pascoe BWM Dentsu Melbourne Account Director
Bridget Lane BWM Dentsu Melbourne Account Executive
Mikael Perhirin BWM Dentsu Melbourne Head of Digital and Consumer Experience
Mac Wright BWM Dentsu Melbourne Digital Experience Manager
Thaissa Tanaka BWM Dentsu Melbourne Community Manager
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