CategoryA04. Online: Non-fiction
EntrantVIBER Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation VIBER Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement VIIBAR INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production VIIBAR INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yuki Chiba Viibar Inc. creative planner

The Campaign

It’s a feature of the game and focuses on "precision of dot picture" which expresses quality. In the investigation, the color water of almost the same color as the color constituting the character was put in the paper cup, and a huge dot picture (16,384 pieces of a paper cup) was completed.

Creative Execution

Since there is no design drawing of the color of the character, first, while looking at the game screen, a design drawing is created with Excel. After that, we performed a small test shoot to see if it looks like an illustration with a paper cup and colored water( I rented out the gymnasium and the size was 6 times (length 5.8m×5.8m).

The number of views is 723878 times. As a result of our brand lift survey, the ad recall rate is + 15.9% and the degree of interest in the brand (search lift) is + 18.4%. As a result of our survey, the likelihood increased by 15.2 pt and the intention to use increased by 7.8 pt. Especially on overseas Facebook, the engagement rate (like + share + comment / number of views) was 4.1% and got a big reaction.

As a brand dealing with entertainment products as games, we have created an image that is entertaining entertainment through advertising communication with an entertaining approach. And to the company Square-Enix I have created a culture that will always entertain the people in daily communication as well as the game material.

Aiming at topicalization with this handmade huge creative, we tried to deepen the awareness and interest of new users from there. In addition, in recent years, we also focused the purpose of reminding the game user of 30 years old or more accustomed to 3D game with the goodness and nostalgia of dot picture as a trigger.


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