Short List
Product / ServiceLAZY YAK PALE ALE
CategoryC05. Co-Creation & User Generated Content


Name Company Position
James McGrath Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Creative Chairman
Ant Keogh Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Chief Creative Officer
Will Barber Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Community Manager
Hugh Gurney Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Creative
Tim Bishop Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Senior Creative
Alex Metson Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Senior Creative
Oliver Wearne Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Account Director
Bianca Kerr Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Account Manager
Antoina Ciociari Carlton United Breweries Brand Manager

The Campaign

Describe the creative idea (150 words) To launch Lazy Yak Pale Ale, we were asked to give few cases of the beer away via Facebook. But we realised that most online competitions and promos ask a lot from their entrants. But for a beer called Lazy Yak, the opposite felt more appropriate, so we created the Laziest Competition Ever, encouraging Australians to whatever they wanted to try and win a slab of beer. We called our competition Win Beer – Do Whatever You Want to Enter, and sat back and watched people’s “efforts” roll in.

Creative Execution

• Implementation: The competition post was posted on the Matilda Bay Brewing Co. Facebook page with $500AUD paid support on 23 July 2015. • Timeline The competition ran from 23 July 2015 until 30 July 2015. After this, 10 winners were chosen, their details verified and a case of 24 Lazy Yak beers were dispatched to them. • Placement The competition was placed on Facebook. • Scale The competition was a small scale launch idea that stemmed from a larger ATL Outdoor launch.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

In true lazy fashion, we achieved big results by doing relatively little. From a paid media spend of only $500AUD, we reached 123,114 Australian Facebook users and generated an amazing 1,180 entries. The result was a respectable CPM of $4.06 and a much more respectable cost per entry of a mere $0.42. We sampled an assortment of alcohol brands for a benchmark average cost of $6 – making Lazy Yak over 14 times cheaper per comment. Including media, the campaign cost $999.50AUD. The Laziest Competition Ever was a big part in the first stage of the process that led to the launch of Lazy Yak being the most successful craft beer launch ever in Australia.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Most marketing promotions ask a lot from their entrants. They ask people to use their hashtags, re-gram their photos or write 25 words about what they’d do if they won a lifetime supply of some crap product. But we were asked to do a promo for a brand new beer called Lazy Yak, so we decided to create a promotional competition that did the opposite, and instead let people do whatever they wanted to enter. The Laziest Competition Ever was born. We gave away slabs of Lazy Yak beer via Facebook, allowing people to do whatever they wanted to win.

Describe the strategy (150 words) • Target audience: Australians aged 25-54. • Approach: Lazy Yak, as a beer best enjoyed when doing very little, highlighted that modern life asks a lot from people. The Laziest Competition Ever come from the insight that sometimes life should be lazier. Including competition entries. Our targeting was purposefully lazy as well. Lazy Yak is marketed as an easy to drink first step into the world of craft beer, so instead of targeting hardcore craft beer aficionados, we targeted a much broader spectrum of Australians. People who drink beer, but who generally prefer a more mainstream brew. Targeting a broad cross section allowed us to achieve high levels of awareness from a small investment. Lazy, but effective.


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