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salil Mahadeshwar Mindshare-Fulcrum Sr Media Director
Prasad Chavan Mindshare- Fulcrum Media Director
Zubin tatna Mindshare-Fulcrum National Director - Integrated Planning
Miloni Patel Mindshare-Fulcrum Manager, The Exchange
Sowmya Acharya Mindshare-Fulcrum Digital, Mindshare
Brajesh Dwivedi Mindshare-Fulcrum Principal Partner - Client Leadership

The Campaign

Tag competitor advertising, so as to create dissonance in the consumer’s mind and make PUREIT a part of their consideration set. ‘Cross Device Fingerprinting Technology’ detects and matches live television content to a Viewer, and programmatically chase this Viewer across mobile devices. • The technology’s SDK (code) integrated across 100+ top mobile phone Apps captures sound waves from television and stores in a central server. • Simultaneously, television sound waves across 200+ channels are captured in real time (on the same server) and matched with these mobile feeds. • If it matches, it means the user is watching a specific television show and using his mobile device at the same time. • Hence, we serve specific advertising on the Viewer’s mobile device based on a specific television show he is viewing Kent is our biggest competitor. By tagging Kent’s advertising we could get similar frequency of advertising in a fraction of the cost.

Creative Execution

Historically, the brand had used tradition platforms like television and print advertising to reach its consumers. However, owing to the rapid mobile penetration (growth of 45% in 2016 over 2015) and the smartphone user base being 190MN as compared to television households at 167 MN, we added mobile to the mix. We tagged all ads of KENT across all channels that were airing the IPL matches live. The PUREIT mobile campaign was then launched through real time syncing with the TV campaign of KENT. A ‘call to action’ message requested consumers to ask for a HOME DEMO. All he has to do was call a toll free number. Moreover, while serving ads on the mobile, additional targeting parameters were incorporated: 1) Demographics- 30+ yrs. All adults. 2) Genres/ Interests- like sports, cricket, IPL, social, health. 3) “Placements” like FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Cricbuzz, Cricinfo apps was selected to avoid wastage.

The campaign was a SUPER SUCCESS! We OUTSMARTED the largest competitor. Not only did we communicate to the targeted audience at the moment of truth but we did so in a clutter breaking environment. We used a relevant and growing consumer trend of multi- screen content consumption for, not just advertising & message delivery, but also for delivering actionable results. Interested leads captured through this campaign were further nurtured to deliver product sales at high ROI. The campaign delivered: ? 5.9mn+ exposures in just 1 month ? CTR shot to 1.10% (industry benchmark 0.20%) ? Video engagement rate at 15% (5 times the industry benchmark). The icing on the cake came with 45% increase in leads generated

DON’T OUTSHOUT KENT. OUTSMART THEM As the housewife initiates the need for a purifier and her husband makes the final decision, we needed to communicate to both. 1. Sizing competition - Kent’s advertising monies are spent on television with 50% on cricket through sponsorships and high premium buys. 2. Consumer- Mobiles drive ‘multiscreen content consumption’. 79% Indian internet adults use mobile devices while watching TV. (Highest overlap is between smartphones and TV at 49%. eMarketer) 3. Cricket and Conversations: 60% of audiences are active on social and cricket apps while watching matches. 4. IPL is the largest tent pole in the cricketing calendar. IPL 2015 clocked 200 MN video views. 5. Putting these together: During IPL, when a KENT ad was aired, a PUREIT ad was served on mobiles. a. Banner and video ads led to the website. b. The website had a lead form to register for a demo.

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