Product / ServiceCOKE STUDIO
CategoryA05. Music / Sound Design
Idea Creation OGILVY & MATHER Lahore, PAKISTAN
Idea Creation 2 K1ND Shanghai, CHINA
Production 2 K1ND Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

Music connects people and bridges barriers but what is sound to those who’ve a lack of hearing? Coke studio is the most popular fusion music show with 110+ Million fans and has reached 150 countries. It is known to be the largest music platform of the country and was leveraged by other countries aswell including India, Middle East and Africa. However, around 9million of our population have some form of hearing impairment isolating them from the rest of the population. Coke Studio felt that there was a need to bridge the gap and provide the hearing impaired what they couldn’t otherwise have. To fill the gap, a sensorial experience for the deaf community was created as a quintessence of music by translating sound into a visual language that is comprehendible by using sense of touch and sight. This initiative added a whole new perspective to the field of sound design.

Creative Execution

Coke Studio initiated a use of an innovative technology that applies brand’s philosophy of inclusivity to create sensorial experience. The technology consists of a special couch and a unique LED lights installation, giving music a tangible form. This technology amplifies two senses, sense of touch and sense of sight. Amplification Of Sense Of Touch The couch was chosen to be the medium of sense of touch since it allows us to physically immerse ourselves into it. Thus, a couch that consists of multiple vibrating engines was created that syncs with every beat of music, giving music tangibility and allowing the hearing impaired to experience it for the first time. The couch has the dimensions of 82X94X75 cm and is made with plastic and lights inside. Amplification Of Sense Of Sight The couch is linked to LED light installation that also syncs with the beat of music and translates sound into visuals, thus creating a visual language of music that is comprehendible. 100 LED light bulbs with cable were used with the dimension of 120x30x5 cm. Once the space was designed, students of Deaf Reach School were given an opportunity to experience music for the first time. A digital content piece was generated through this interaction and reached millions. Through this initiative, Coke Studio was able to reach a larger audience and tapped the area where no other music platform has been before since Coke Studio believes that everyone, regardless of their disability, can enjoy music. The project will be going all across nation, giving more people, belonging to the deaf community, a chance to experience music and will also be leveraged in Coke Studio Season 10. *Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara, Lonce Wyse, S. H. Ong and Elizabeth A. Taylor, Enhancing Musical Experience for the Hearing-impaired using Visual and Haptic Displays. (10-12)


Name Company Position
Asim Naqvi Ogilvy and Mather CEO
Muzakir Ijaz Ogilvy and Mather General Manager
Zehra Zaidi Soho Square Executive Creative Director
Umair Anwar Soho Square Senior Creative Director
Imran Qaiser Soho Square Business Director
Assad Azizuddin Soho Square Associate Account Director
Sana Khan Soho Square Creative Manager
Junaid Younas Soho Square Art Director
Samreen Farooq Soho Square Associate Art Director
Sadaf Javed Soho Square Graphic Designer
Farrukh Zaman Soho Square Production Manager
Tuheer Shafique Soho Square Assistant Production Manager
Sascha Engel K1ND Managing Director
Kelly Woh K1ND Creative Partner
Nicky Szmala K1ND Account Partner
Wenpeng Xiao K1ND Technical Partner
Xu Lei K1ND Technical Engineer
Gao Li K1ND Technical Engineer
Liu Na K1ND Software Engineer
Lloyd Qian K1ND Digital Producer
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