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CategoryA13. Excellence in Partnerships between a Content Producer and a Brand/Product/Talent


Name Company Position
Nicholas Dale FremantleMedia Asia Pte Ltd VP, Digital Partnerships & Brand Licensing

The Campaign

With young Indonesians being our primary audience, we found that: • 75% of them accessed entertainment content monthly (ComScore) • YouTube was the only platform to have YoY increase in engagement (+28%-GWI), all other platforms declined • TV reached 95% of the population (Statistica) but 65% were second screening on mobile (GWI) Our core insight was that young Indonesians not only wanted to consume entertainment, but wanted to discuss the content and have a say around it. Therefore, to make Google a “lifestyle companion”, we chose to integrate Google’s free OneBox Voting tool into one of Indonesia’s top TV talent shows X-Factor Indonesia. Our idea aligned TV entertainment consumption with real time digital engagement, allowing viewers to directly interact through digital platforms whilst consuming live TV, offering a fully integrated experience. X-Factor Indonesia provided scale, while Google provided the participation.

Creative Execution

During all 13 live episodes, airing from June 6th to September 11th, Google allowed fans to have a voice in the show through: • Voting for their favourite contestant(s) via Google OneBox on their smartphones with up to 20 votes per week • Participate in polls, Q&A, Shout-outs on Google + that provided exclusive access and a change for live dialogue with their idols On top of the “natural promotion” via all integrations, we ran 3 spots of a “How to vote” video per live episode and an Online 90’’ spot that reached 1.3 million views within 15 days. The voting tool was mentioned 524 times on throughout live broadcasts.

Google’s OneBox integration redefined the way participants interacted with entertainment shows in Indonesia. 11.7 million OneBox votes accounted for 97.6% of total votes, rendering SMS voting obsolete. OneBox extended reach and engagement, with a 72% surge in the average number of votes per episode versus Season 1 and increase of 10% in monthly Google searches during broadcast through post show. The new way of voting also earned Google the following: 1. User & usage growth: a. 4,443 posts, outstanding increase of 279% in page views on Google+ b. 82,335 votes on Google+ via 13 exclusive polls c. 91,832 new subscribers d. 75,844,964 views on YouTube 2. Press Coverage in the International Business Times and on Indiantelevision.com Google is cementing the brand within entertainment across Asia with similar upcoming deals, and is becoming a “lifestyle companion” of young Indonesians having redefined the way audiences interact with TV shows.

Spike Asia is a festival that is all about celebrating creativity and innovation. We feel this work is relevant for Entertainment Spikes because of the creative integration between a technology platform and a live talent show. In addition to being innovative, this integration changed an entire audience’s behaviour via their mobile phones shifting their interaction from paid SMS to free Search.

We knew a TV partnership with a live talent show would be impactful in driving reach and awareness. We identified X-Factor Indonesia as a perfect fit (with high affinity of 105 against our audience). To trigger an action through Google Search, we knew we needed to build Google into the voting mechanism, and for this to be successful, working with the broadcaster was not enough. We took a step up, and approached the production house instead, Fremantle Media, to enable Google’s OneBox to be integrated into the heart of the show. Fremantle Media integrated Google's tools into their live shows, creating compelling “real time” and seamless audience experiences. OneBox also evolved voting away from dated SMS response mechanisms to a free and more intuitive one, demonstrating the shows progressiveness. The mutually beneficial partnership leveraged each other’s credibility and consumer trust – X Factor in entertainment and Google in technology.