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Product / ServiceASIA UNIVERSITY
CategoryB01. Internet Film
Entrant Company ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TYO Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

In a competition, the athletes are always at the centre of attention. However, there is an enormous group of people supporting every athlete. To express the hospitality and service of which the university students will be trained for in the “Sports Management Course,” Asia University created a film to show the efforts of people supporting, featuring the managers of school club activities. Athletes come to have a rest, supporters surround them. At the moment when the athlete goes back to the games, supporters follow the athlete. Showing 10 supporters behind the football player, the supporters serves in perfect with the table tennis player, and on 1 on 1 basketball games supporters hit even harder than the players showing that behind every great athlete is someone with equal passion. Then the film focuses on supporters who are in centre of attention. Lastly shows that this “Sports management course” is a course to learn how to strategically support the athlete.


Name Company Position
Fumitaka Takano ADK Creative Director
Ryusuke Dohi ADK Planner
Hiroyuki Kubo ADK Art Director / Planner
Hirokazu Matsushige 1-10design, Inc Planner / Interactive Producer
Tadashi Watano 1-10design, Inc Planner
Koji Akagi Freelance Copywriter
Shunichi Takano TYO, Inc. Executive Producer
Tetsuya Hisano ADK Producer
Sachiko Hosaka ADK Account Executive
Aiko Teranishi ADK Account Executive
Tatsuhiro Ishikawa TYO, Inc. Producer
Hayato Ando P.I.C.S. Film Director
Akio Yoshida SPEC Director of photography
Tsutomu Sasao Hidali, Inc Choreographer
Kazunori Kato TYO, Inc. Production Manager
Aya Iinuma TYO, Inc. Production Manager
Toru Sasaki Handsome Tracks Sound Production Producer
Yuji Murata PPC Mixer
Takuya Sejima 1-10design, Inc Project Manager
Hirokazu Fujioka 1-10design, Inc Technical Director
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