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CategoryA09. Use of Mobile Devices
Entrant Company 22 FEET TRIBAL WORLDWIDE Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency 22FEET TRIBAL WORLDWIDE Bangalore, INDIA
Media Agency MAXUS GLOBAL Bangalore, INDIA


Name Company Position
Vineet Gupta 22feet Tribal Worldwide Managing Director
Rohan Talati 22feet Tribal Worldwide Account Director
Anita Rane 22feet Tribal Worldwide Content Manager
Ramraaj Raghunathan 22feet Tribal Worldwide Business Director
Azharuddin A 22feet Tribal Worldwide Creative Technologist
Bhavita Bhatia 22feet Tribal Worldwide Content Creator
Akshaya Govind 22feet Tribal Worldwide Content Creator
Tarini Singh 22feet Tribal Worldwide Account Manager
Tom Jose 22feet Tribal Worldwide Designer
Raghunath J 22feet Tribal Worldwide Technology Director
Srikanth Mattihalli 22feet Tribal Worldwide Web Developer
Binu Nair 22feet Tribal Worldwide Web Developer
Gautam Nayak 22feet Tribal Worldwide Tester
Sn Karthik 22feet Tribal Worldwide Web Developer
Chethan Gowda 22feet Tribal Worldwide Web Developer

Results and Effectiveness

Over a 3 month period, over 800000 issues were raised across the country covering 96% of the Electoral Constituencies geographically and 99% of the issues raised from mobile devices. The issues raised from the application were presented to the leading political candidates on prime time television on the CNN IBN news network every week. Women’s Safety emerged as the most pinned issues across the country and the issue was discussed by over 1000 politicians standing in the election.

Creative Execution

Push the Pin was launched as a location based, mobile and web application that enabled users to raise their issues by placing a pin onto a map. Issues raised through the application could be shared across Facebook and Twitter. To maximise the scale of the application, we enabled feature phone (phones without modern OS) users to register their issues by a missed call or by SMSing the zipcode of their location to a pre-designated number. Basis the user's zipcode & location, issues were aggregated for each constituency, resulting in a unique report card of issues for each constituency.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Push the Pin is one of India’s largest mobile initiatives that enabled the creation of the first ever crowdsourced manifesto for women, by women & of women and formed the core of Tata Tea's 'Power of 49' campaign. The Power of 49 campaign was launched by Tata Global Beverages, through their social awakening platform Jaago Re in August 2013 with the objective of creating a more awakened and informed female electorate who constitute 49% of the world’s largest democracy. The campaign which launched ahead of the biggest General Election in Indian history and targeted the core consumer of the brand - the India housewife; was based on the insight that despite forming 49% of the electoral base, women do not vote independently because they felt that voting does not address their issues. Push the pin provided a platform for women to voice their issues through their mobile phones.