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Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Sathi Anand Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Sathi Anand Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Copywriter
Sathi Anand Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Art Director
Lim Seng Seong Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Art Director
Lim Seng Seong Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Designer
Mindy Lim Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Copywriter
Fang Woei Yang Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Designer
Nicholas Soh Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Designer
Chia Kia Kiat Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Illustrator
Gavin Teoh Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Associate Account Director
Paramjit Kaur Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Production Manager
Elle Chang Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Production Executive
Mohd Faris Abu Bakar Saatchi/Saatchi Malaysia Researcher

Brief Explanation

In Malaysia, we literally live to eat. We enjoy our calorie-rich diet on a daily basis by consuming way beyond the recommended intake for a regular man or woman. So getting Malaysians to give up their love for food was definitely out of the question. We had to find another way to help them stay healthy.

The Brief

Stop urban Malaysia from becoming an increasingly obese society.

How the final design was conceived

There was actually a simple solution to the predicament, and it was running. Running is known to be the best way to burn off access fat, and we did it all the time when we were kids. To dramatize the idea, we then created illustrations of our guilty pleasures left behind along running routes within the urban landscape, urging Malaysians to simply get out there and Run It Off.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The posters became a hit. Netizens began sharing pictures of the posters frequently. Conversations on weight loss and running as a solution were dominating the social media. Beyond parks and running tracks, we also started witnessing more and more people running freely around the city.