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Product / ServiceFOOTBALL
CategoryC06. Digital Outdoor
Entrant Company TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato Executive Creative Director
Kazoo Sato Creative Director
Motonori Sugiyama Copywriter
Hirohumi Nakajima/Keisuke Shimizu Art Director
Toshihiro Yoshii/Wei-Chun Chu/Yoshitomo Hanada Account Supervisor
Dave Thomas/Kentaro Kawai/Hiroshi Kamada/Keiko Hayashi/Masahiro Kataoka Advertiser's Supervisor
Tomoyuki Ashinuma/Soyogi Sugiura/Sosuke Kawanishi Producer
Yusuke Koike/Tomoko Tanaka/Masanori Mori Planner
Associate Creative Director:takahiro Hosoda/Experience Designer:kaname Aratame/Director:genki Ito Other Credits
Toshio Ushihara TBWA\HAKUHODO PR
Hiroka Nagata BlueCurrent Japan Inc. PR
Hirotaka Sato ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. Production Manager
Ryo Morita ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. Production Manager
Yoshihiro Ueno ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. Production Manager
Noriyuki Imoto ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. Production Manager
Taeji Sawai Music
Toyokatsu Tanno IMAGICA Corp. Editor
Yukihiro Shoda Movie Director
Yuuki Ono Music
Osamu Nakano Rights Apartment inc. Production Manager
Go Obayashi Rights Apartment inc. Production Manager
Atsushi Fujimaki IMG SRC inc. Art Director
Takahiro Miyake IMG SRC inc. Designer
Yuichiro Katsume IMG SRC inc. Engineer
Ryo Tanizaki IMG SRC inc. Engineer
Teruo Nakanishi IMG SRC inc. Engineer
Yu Aoki IMG SRC inc. Production Manager
Shu Takano S2 Factory, Inc. System Engineer
Jun Kuriyama S2 Factory, Inc. System Engineer


The final qualifier for the World Cup – a must-win to earn a World Cup berth. As an official sponsor and supplier, adidas Japan wanted to turn the event into an opportunity to make a connection with its audience. The objective is to create an event that Unites and Engages football fans throughout Japan in support of their national team. The strategy was to generate dynamic connections among football fans in support of their team. To achieve this, we needed to create an event that was both impactful live but could also be shared and engaged with via smartphone. Our solution was an interactive projection 200 meters above the ground in Tokyo on the day of a crucial game for the national team. Fans could use their smartphone to virtually ‘throw in’ a soccer ball towards the projection – a massive video of Japan star forward Shinji Kagawa, projected on the wall of a high-rise building. With each throw-in, Kagawa received the ball and made a shot on goal, using 11,700 different shot patterns. The thrower’s Facebook profile photo and support message were also projected. Further, the event was broadcast live online so that football fans all over Japan - and the world - could participate. Over 1,000 people joined the event within just the first 5 minutes of the game. And they stayed on the adidas site for an average of 30 minutes. Many football fans ‘threw in’ while watching the game at home, at sports bars or outside the home. The campaign was featured in several media, and more than 500,000 people enthusiastically enjoyed the event. It also created a huge excitement on social media. There were throw-ins not only from Japan but also from around the world.