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CategoryC01. Bars & Restaurants
Entrant Company TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


We launched a campaign to innovate the show window.

English Translation of Main Headlines

So we launched a campaign to innovate the show window – but not just to ‘digitize’ it – we wanted to bring it to life. We developed the world’s first interactive mannequins by incorporating Kinect sensor technology into a marionette. While show windows are less and less effective these days, we used the latest technology to turn the traditional media “show window” into a most innovative – and effective - medium. The strategy was to create a complete campaign that would engage potential customers on the street, motivate them to shop, and also encourage them to share the experience online.


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato Executive Creative Director
Kazoo Sato Creative Director
Kanako Ishioroshi Copywriter
Katsuhiro Shimizu Art Director
Akira Henmi Account Supervisor
Koji Eguchi/Hirotaka Tochihara Producer
Yukari Toyooka Account Manager
Sachiko Oyamada Planner
Technical Creative Director:seiichi Saito/Pm:maiko Shimada/Yuri Hirano/Shota Kusayanagi Other Credits
Producer TAIYO KIKAKU Koji Eguchi
Producer TAIYO KIKAKU Hirotaka Tochihara
Maiko Shimada TAIYO KIKAKU Production Manager
Yuri Hirano TAIYO KIKAKU Production Manager
Shota Kusayanagi TAIYO KIKAKU Production Manager
Seiichi Saito Rhizomatiks Technical Creative Director
Motoi Ishibashi Rhizomatiks Device Design, Programming
Yoichi Sakamoto Rhizomatiks Device Architect
Hiroyuki Hori Rhizomatiks Visual Programmer
Hiroyasu Kimura Rhizomatiks Web Designer
Takashi Suzuki buffer renaiss Sensor Programmer
Yukio Akiba gadget Device Craft
Tomohiro Akagawa atelier omoya Device Programming
Shoichiro Matsuoka Marionette
Noboru Tomizawa H&M