Product / ServiceFERRERO ROCHER
Entrant Company SAPIENTNITRO Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency SAPIENTNITRO Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

Ferrero leads the market in China for the chocolate gift-giving category. But with the on-going growth of the competition in this market and the growing affluence and sophistication of Chinese consumers, Ferrero has lost its hold on the market. Gifting has also lost its meaning. Once a big ritual in China, it has lost much of its significance and is often perceived as duty bound.

Success of the Campaign

Impressive website performance Over 800,000 site visits 1 million pageviews 50,000 greetings created Huge social buzz generated 1.5million viewers and 100,000 comments on largest social networks 50,000 user shared content on just Weibo 50,000 new fans on Weibo 100,000 users viewed and shared content 5,000 changed their microblog background to Ferrero Golden Christmas. Growth in search 300% increased in search High event attendance 8,000 people attended the Ferrero Xmas party
 Accelerating sales More than 10,000 products sold online

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We chose to launch the campaign at Christmas, where we enabled our consumers to put thought and meaning into gift giving. This experience started at “Search”, where we encouraged consumers to give with an extra layer of thought. Consumers were then directed to the brand site. Here, they could purchase their Ferrero as well as personalise the gift via a physical or virtual card that would be delivered to the receiver alongside the customized box of Ferrero Rocher. The giver could also share their message across social channels. Once this is shared, the extra layer of surprise comes through: An invitation to the Ferrero golden event on Christmas day where they could win an exclusive Ferrero Rocher 96 gift cone. On Christmas eve, we used 46,000 golden Rochers to create China’s tallest chocolate Christmas tree together with a ‘golden night’ of celebration.


Name Company Position
Dabao Wang Sapientnitro Studio Manager
Amy Hu Sapientnitro Flash Developer
Costa Zhu Sapientnitro Flash Developer
Ivan Jiao Sapientnitro Programmer
Elvin Chen Sapientnitro Information Architect
Kaki Law Sapientnitro Technical Director
Louis Shao Sapientnitro Project Manager
Crystal Cao Sapientnitro Account Manager
Elaine Auyong Sapientnitro Account Director
Johnny Tu Sapientnitro Senior Art Director
Jing Jin Sapientnitro Senior Art Director
Ye Lishan Sapientnitro Copywriter
Eric Shang Sapientnitro Copywriter
Connie Yeung Sapientnitro Strategy
Florian Pihs Sapientnitro Strategy
Huey Lu Ho Sapientnitro Creative Director
Shannon Dix Sapientnitro Director Of Global Clients
Jennifer Tan Sapientnitro Executive Creative Director
Gaston Legorburu Sapientnitro Worldwide Chief Creative Officer