Silver Spike
CategoryA10. Best Production Value
Entrant Company REVOLVER Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency GEORGE PATTERSON Y&R Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production Company REVOLVER Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Position
Ben Coulson Executive Creative Director
Senior Writer: Evan Roberts Copywriter
Senior Art Director: Chris Northam Art Director
Agency Executive Producer: Romanca Jasinski Agency Producer
Group Account Director: Mat Cummings Account Supervisor
Senior Account Director: Matilda Hobba Advertiser's Supervisor
Pip Smart/Executive Producers: Michael Ritchie And Pip Smart Producer
Steve Rogers Director
Jack Hutchings Editor
Mark Mitchell For Electric Dreams Sound Studio
Paul Le Couteur For Flagstaff Studios Sound Design/Arrangement
Fin Design/Effects Post Production
D'oyley Carte Opera Company - Hms Pinafore Music
Fin Design/Effects Special Effects/Computer Graphics
Adam Arkapaw Cinematographer
Adam Arkapaw Director Of Photography
The Butchery Editing Company
Grade: Ben Eagleton For Fuel Other Credits

Brief Explanation

Tumble is the story of Schweppervescence and it's unique and powerful ability to ignite the senses. The commercial follows a lead character who magically appears at the top of a snowy mountain dressed inexplicably in a well tailored suit. The ad follows this character as he deliberately throws himself over the edge of the mountain and somehow manages to gracefully and magically tumble down the mountain without ever hurting himself. In fact he's clearly enjoying himself. As he tumbles down the mountain, across grassy plains and through lush rain forests he is joined by other tumblers. The commercial concludes when the tumblers all plunge into a pristine lagoon and are surrounded by glorious, swirling Schweppervescence.

Creative Execution

The director felt it was critical that the majority of all the scenes be captured 'in camera' and that the final spot feel very real, visceral and every word in the treatment... As a result the production itself was extremely challenging as teams of stunties and riggers built 30 metre towers and rigging lines all over the North and South Islands of New Zealand to support the performers tumbling down otherwise unnavigable terrain. The client insisted on the feeling being euphoric and that meant the director and team had to traverse the world of real and bruising tumbling with a sense of aerial ballet. A period of stunt testing established the technique for the tumble on wires and rigging. Then each performer got a rehearsal period of 2 to 3 days to familiarise with the action. However each location threw out a unique set of challenges that nothing could prepare us for, and each surface, location and terrain offered up many challenges to work around to execute the stunts. Most of the final diving footage was achieved in a 10 metre diving pool and green screened behind it. All the rigging and this greensceen had to be comped and removed from frame accordingly. Cast and crew worked extremely hard in a number of difficult and often remote locations and terrain, ranging from glaciers at 6, 500 feet, to the bottom of waterfalls to achieve the end result.