Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceSUNSHINE SAKAE
CategoryA10. Best Production Value
Entrant Company ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TYO PRODUCTIONS Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Position
Kazuya Nakajima Creative Director
Kazuya Nakajima Copywriter
Kazuya Nakajima/Wataru Sato Art Director
Toshitaka Nasu/Kunio Inagaki Account Supervisor
Kazuo Kawasaki Producer
Wataru Sato Director
Yoshitaka Honda/Takahiro Uchida Editor
Toshihiro Hara Sound Design/Arrangement
Imagica/Tokyo Post Production
Koshiro Ueno Lighting
Toshiki Tan Music
Yoshinobu Yoshida Cinematographer
Machi Tsuge Other Credits

Brief Explanation

Our objective was to create the attention-grabbing once-seen-never-forgotten ads that would stand out from the competition. The goal was to attract customers at our main target group in their late teens to early thirties. We focused on customer insight that riding a Ferris Wheel together is a great opportunity to get close to someone. From this, we developed the core idea that even a man with a special talent who is different from other people can find the way to win a woman’s heart in this Ferris Wheel, and created this comical commercial. The revenues also increased, exceeding our initial target by 145%.

Creative Execution

As for we spent in making this film, we shot at 15 location sites and used 150 extras for 5 days. Furthermore we spent 3 days on off-line editing and 3 days on on-line editing. We used the camera, RED EPIC. The budget totally amounted to 18 million yen(=about 180,000 dollars).