Product / ServiceARNOTT'S TIM TAM
CategoryB01. Foods
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

We had to establish a way to arm our audience with the tools to protect their precious Tim Tams in an insightful and engaging way. But above all, it had to be something that everyone could get involved with.

The Brief

In Australia there's already an enormous amount of love for the Tim Tam brand, however this love is rarely top of mind for people. The strategy was simple: engage, engage, engage. We needed to involve existing customers with the Tim Tam brand both online and in the real world to remind them of their underlying love for the brand.

How the final design was conceived

The design brief was simple: where are people not going to look for Tim Tams? We had to create sleaves that were uninteresting and unappetising enough that people wouldn't look twice at them whilst on a biscuit hunt.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Because engagement with the brand was key to reminding people of their love for Tim Tams, our metrics are expressed in terms of time spent and interactions: - In the first two weeks the campaign reached over 1.9 million people on Facebook, with over 100 designs printed each day. - An additional 65,000 minutes spent with the brand online. - The most likes, comments and shares than any other Tim Tam campaign in history. - The most YouTube views in the brand's history. - All for a budget of only $7,000 Australian dollars (seriously, that's not a typo).


Name Company Position
Matt Bright Ddb Retoucher
Andrew Allsop Ddb Senior Copywriter
Richard Apps Ddb Senior Art Director
Jim Curtis Ddb Copywriter
Ryan Fitzgerald Ddb Art Director
Scott Huebscher Ddb Creative Director
Dylan Harrison Ddb Executive Creative Director
Leigh Coleman Arnott's Marketing Manager
Susanna Polycarpou Arnott's Brand Director
Claire Birrell Ddb Business Director
Nicole Taylor Ddb Managing Partner