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Brief Explanation

We had to find a new interesting approach. We discovered young working adults want to look, and feel, good. But style wasn’t enough. Then we discovered a fun, convincing way to sell Vespas. Looks matter, and health is part of that. We showed the target how a Vespa could help them keep fit and healthy. The more they ride, the healthier they’ll get. So we created a series of booklets featuring insightful health facts about the Vespa. Explaining how riding each Vespa, while using its accessories, made for a great workout.

The Brief

Our client briefed us to create a new Vespa helmet and motorcycle range product catalogue for 2013, targeting young working adults. They wanted something that’s different from other catalogues. Something that won’t just be picked up, flicked through, then thrown away. So we had to do something new.

How the final design was conceived

The best way to talk to our audience was to start with basic Vespa core values. Italian heritage. Vintage. Classic. Style. And fun. All were key ingredients that helped explain how a Vespa could help its rider not only look cool on it, but also how it makes the rider healthy, inside and out.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As the campaign is still in its early stages, results (in terms of sales and perception) are currently being tabulated.


Name Company Position
Lisa Hezila Y/R Account Supervisor
Aina Fahmi Y/R Account Manager
T L Tan Y/R Art Buyer
Kasey Chew Y/R Typographer
Law Kok Yew Y/R Designer
Emily Tan Y/R Designer
Emily Tan Y/R Illustrator
Zelin Seah Illustrator
Wizard Photography Photographer
Joshua Tay Y/R Art Director
Gigi Lee Y/R Art Director
Emily Tan Y/R Art Director
Jonn Dogra Y/R Copywriter
Su-Yin Chong Y/R Copywriter
Joshua Tay Y/R Creative Director
Gigi Lee Y/R Executive Creative Director