Product / ServiceMEI AH MOVIES
CategoryA08. Best Use or Integration of Gaming
Entrant Company McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Contributing Company McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Contributing Company 2 DON'T BELIEVE IN STYLE Hong Kong, HONG KONG

The Campaign

According to our research, there is no completed law or regulation for branded content for now. So when in practice, we just need to make our branded content abide all the rules for all commercial advertisements as it is a kind of them. In the meantime, in China, advertisements need to be “identifiable”, which means we must make sure that our content wouldn’t be regarded as common TV, broadcast or online program instead of advertisement by audiences. However, as a whole, branded content has a relatively free environment in China.


Mei Ah was a top movie company in the 80s and 90s in China. In 2012, Mei Ah launched their new online portal containing more than 1000 classic movies. And our target is to promote the new website. But with nothing fresh, old is our problem. To make old movies being attractive again, we dig a insight that movie fans are proud of being movies fans, they’d like to prove their passion and familiarness to movies to other people. So we created a competition: we keep a one-second clip from certain movies to let fans guess which movie it comes from. People who could recognize the most movies in the shortest time in our game could get our prize. The challenge aroused back movie fans’ interest and passion to old movies. We made our one-second clip all around the city to tease more compelled fans to come to our game. They could also share and seek help among their friends on weibo and facebook when facing problems. In this way, the relationship would be built between movie fans and Mei Ah’s new portal.

We used roadshow on taxi, display at plazas and other portal websites to show our one-second movie clips all around the city to tease compelled movie fans to come to our game. In the meantime, our share and help-seeking function during the game on weibo and facebook also made our game more popular among participants’ friends.

Our game has drawn tons of movie fans. More than 50,000 fans competed in the game, and an astounding 2.6 million visits was attracted to our website via the challenge. During the competition, our site gain 2,596,831clicks and 952,441,037 impressions.


Name Company Position
Don't Believe In Style Computer Artist
Don't Believe In Style Interactive Designer
Andy Wong Mccann Worldgrup (Hong Kong) Writer
Quentin Yeong/James O/Jazon Chan Mccann Worldgrup (Hong Kong) Art Director
Quentin Yeong Mccann Worldgrup (Hong Kong) Creative Director
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgrup (Hong Kong) Executive Creative
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgrup (Hong Kong) Chief Cretive Officer