Product / ServiceBEROCCA
CategoryA05. Best Use or Integration of Experiential Events
Contributing Company CAPTIV8, AUSTRALIA
Contributing Company 2 SPLICE BOYS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company MEDIACOM Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

In Australia branded content is a growing area and is welcomed by brands and most channels. There are no restrictions imposed by TV stations other than quality control.


The challenge was to get consumers to think of Berocca as a means to get the most out of every day. Our strategy was ‘enhance the day of play’. We needed to have a presence when consumers were planning and attending social events to drive awareness and trial of the Twist ‘N’ Go product. Our approach was three tiered – reach our audience before, during and after their day of play. We identified key events including the Quiksilver Pro, Byron Bay Bluesfest and Urbanathlon. During the ‘before’ stage the message was delivered to audience when planning to attend these events across Ticketek, The Vine, Event Finder, Time Out and Spotify. All activity was time-targeted to Thursday and Fridays when the audiences were most likely planning their next event. We activated a custom built Twist ‘N’ Go branded inflatable structure. The ‘bubble’ acted as a hub enticing people to interact with the brand. At night the structure was lit up, visible from all over the event grounds. At the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro consumers were greeted at the bubble and their details recorded on a purpose built iPad registration form. Once inside, surrounded by a custom-built 48-camera matrix rig they were shot catching the perfect wave. The video was automatically uploaded to YouTube and syndicated to our own custom Facebook application, accessible through a ‘Like Gate’ on any device. Within moments, users received an SMS and email to their mobile phones with a direct link to watch their perfect wave on Facebook. They could tag themselves as the star of their own video, ‘like’ the video or post the video across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Having liked the Facebook page to access their video, fans could enjoy the additional content and photos uploaded from all of our Berocca events.

We know our target audience use social media to ‘get’ attention not ‘give’ attention. What better way to attract views of our branded content by making them the star of it. Within minutes of leaving the Berocca Bubble, event-goers had a unique URL sent as an SMS and email direct to their mobile. They could instantly tag themselves and their friends, or share the video to their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest profile. With likes, comments and tags creating waves of newsfeeds stories across Facebook, friends of the event-goer quickly distributed content across social media taking the Berocca brand with them.

Our ‘enhance the day of play’ experience delivered: A total of 650 individual Berocca Twist N’ Go videos Over 14,000 total video views with some receiving over 300 views each Over 6,000 individual visits to the Berocca Twist N’ Go Facebook application with 16,000 pages viewed and an average of 3 minutes spent watching the videos in the app Over 40,000 samples given away at the event


Name Company Position
Richard Kendall Splice Boys
Tom Brandon Splice Boys
Kurt Toohey Captiv8 Designer
Rudy Smith Captiv8 Developer
Jeff Shillitto Captiv8 Technical Lead
Jules Batstone Captiv8 Digital Producer
Ryan Bodger Captiv8 Digital Director
Anna Doube Mediacom Media Assistant
Ben Mcinerney Mediacom Digital Media Planner
Clare Nash Mediacom Media Planner
Taylor Thornton Mediacom Copywriter
Alexa Hohenberg Mediacom Digital Producer
Steven Farrer Mediacom Production Co-Ordinator
Alistair Ferrier Mediacom Executive Producer
Shelby Craig Mediacom Art Director
Gemma Hunter Mediacom Executive Creative Director