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CategoryA07. Point of Sale
Entrant Company GEOMETRY GLOBAL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Advertising Agency GEOMETRY GLOBAL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Soon Seq Post Production House
Di Solution Di Artist
Fai/Pako Looi Sunday Studio Photographer/Digital Imaging
Julian Oh Redbullets Director (Video)
Tf Chan Etc Industries Sdn Bhd Production Manager
Athiya Hamid Geometry Global Malaysia Senior Account Executive
Nisha Nair Geometry Global Malaysia Account Manager
Tracy Bay Geometry Global Hong Kong Account Manager
Tay Yin May Geometry Global Malaysia Designer
Ashraff Ahmad/Federico Garcia Geometry Global Malaysia Copywriter
Steve Yeow Geometry Global Malaysia Art Director
Fong Wei Kit Geometry Global Malaysia Art Director
Javen Tan Geometry Global Malaysia Art Director
Michelle Lim-Chua Geometry Global Malaysia Senior Copywriter
Jarrod Reginald Geometry Global Malaysia Senior Art Director
Benjamin Thain Geometry Global Malaysia Creative Group Head
Ho Hong Fei Geometry Global Malaysia Creative Group Head
Mahesh Neelakantan Geometry Global Malaysia Managing Director
Nuno Lemos Geometry Global Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Daniel Comar Geometry Global Asia/Pacific Regional Executive Creative Director

Brief Explanation

With chocolate as the last thing on any shopping list, the immediate challenge was how to change shoppers' pre-set behavior of only getting what they came for - and nudge them to buy our chocolate too. In a time where social media has rendered words virtually meaningless, we invited people to 'Say it with Chocolate.' Giving them a unique opportunity to say something sincere, for once. And transforming a simple bar of chocolate into a bespoke bar for one special person.

The Brief

Chocolate sales creation relies on constantly finding ways to engage shoppers and trigger impulse purchase in-store and on-the-go. Cadbury therefore, needed to put aside traditional advertising, and do something that would get shoppers to pick up its staple chocolate, on the spot.

How the final design was conceived

An old press with movable type was repurposed to print personal messages onto the chocolate bars, without opening the wrapper. A unique imprint technique was used to ensure the messages would be kept 'secret' only to be revealed when the bar was given and unwrapped. The chocolate-printing machine also needed to be mobile enough to be set up in major supermarkets, easily accessible to shoppers; as the goal was to drive impulse purchase and connect with customers in a truly memorable way.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Impulse purchase spiked during promotion hours at selected TESCO outlets and office buildings, with many shoppers making bulk buys, and some willing to queue an hour for their chocolate. The campaign will extend to 200 stores across the region, with 20 machines currently in the making.