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CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Advertising Agency:WHYBIN\TBWA GROUP Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Matty Burton Whybin\TBWA Sydney Executive Creative Director
Dave Bowman Whybin\TBWA Sydney Executive Creative Director
Russ Tucker Whybin\TBWA Sydney Digital Creative Director
Hannes Ciatti Whybin\TBWA Sydney Art Director
Dean Hamilton Whybin\TBWA Sydney Copywriter
Aliza Nordin Whybin\TBWA Sydney Designer
Prentice Porter Whybin\TBWA Sydney Designer
Chris Rollings Whybin\TBWA Sydney Digital Producer
Andrea Byrne Whybin\TBWA Sydney Account Director
David Cox Whybin\TBWA Sydney Technical Lead
James Kavanagh Whybin\TBWA Sydney Qa Analyst
Andrew Plimmer Motim/Nz Ceo

Brief Explanation

A negative stigma has surrounded shelter dogs for years with most people assuming they are either physically and/or mentally damaged. Naturally, this has led to fewer and fewer people visiting shelter homes to adopt. As a result, over 100,000 shelter dogs are being needlessly euthanised every single year across Australia. To help dispel the myths and prove that these dogs are in fact just like every other dog out there, we needed people to emotionally engage with the animals and discover first hand how healthy they are. So based on the insight that dogs look like their owners, we created a phone and Facebook app called Dog-A-Like. The app not only scans your facial features and matches them perfectly with an actual dog from the live PetRescue database, it lets you adopt your match when they would otherwise be put down. The best part is, when people discover there is actually a dog out there that looks just like them, an emotional connection is made and the chances of adoption drastically increase. Then, when they read the dog’s profile and learn how fit and healthy they really are, all preconceptions are dismissed. In the end, Dog-A-Like has turned the once negative experience of adopting a