Product / ServiceTAIYO NO MATE CHA
CategoryB02. Drinks
Entrant Company:OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Upon designing the package design of “Taiyo no Matecha,” the primary focus was on expressing the product’s vibrancy. As a product that cultivates a completely new category, it was crucial to make the product highly visible compared to other competitors to attract the targets. The package design expressed aspects such as “cheerfulness,” “freedom,” and “open-mindedness,” of the South American culture.

The Brief

“Taiyo-no-Matecha” was positioned to be a pioneer of a brand new tea category. Similar to the past black tea, oolong tea, green tea, blend tea, FOSHU (foods for specified health uses) tea and etc., South American “Taiyo no Matecha” was aimed to break new ground within the Japanese tea market and to reign as its category leader. The product’s primary targets were set to 20 to 40s single male. The targets possessed hopes to live their life with energy and vitality, however the generation has always faced difficulties to ensure compatibility between their work and their private life.

How the final design was conceived

The warm temperature of South America, the rhythm of Samba and etc., the product was set to be an energizer for the targets. Together, as a new category cultivator and a wish for it to become a leading brand, the traditional textile design was applied to create authenticity.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

After “Taiyo-no-Matecha (Mate Tea the Sun)” was launched, the sales topped the 40M-bottle mark (500 ml PET equivalent) in two months (as of May 18). It became a big hit. It was also successful in attracting consumers who like other beverages than tea.


Name Company Position
Kosuke Hashijima Ogilvy & Mather Japan Creative Director
Chie Katayama Ogilvy & Mather Japan Art Director
Yushin Ito Account Exective
Takehiro Yasuda Ogilvy & Mather Japan Group Account Director